Kenny & Christine Joshua Tree Engagement Images

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This post is brought to you by The Shalom Imaginative, a husband and wife wedding photo + video team based in Joshua Tree.

Windows down, radio turned up, and the warm breeze rushing through your car. Joshua Tree is tucked away up in the high desert, just a few hour drive from LA. Don’t forget your road trip snacks and some good tunes. Take the exit just passed the giant windmill farm. Make your way up the steep, winding road. Starting to see some magical, tangled looking trees out your window? Good, you are just about there.

This is the story of Kenny & Christine and their Joshua Tree engagement images. A quick getaway to the desert to celebrate their love. Hands pressed firmly together as they wander through this mystical Joshua Tree landscape. From the tops of the boulders to the middle of the wide open, sun-filled spaces, exploring together is the best place to be.